About the Originals

The Herkimer Originals are a minor league basketball team playing in the East Region (White Division) of the American Basketball Association (ABA). 

The name Herkimer Originals, as well as its “hooped” logo, was thought up by rock-star and long time friend of Scott Flansburg, Alice Cooper – who continues to rock the stages throughout the world.

The name Herkimer Originals and its logo “originated” with the fact that Herkimer, NY was the origin of the game of basketball: Lambert Will was the inventor and drove the rules development; the first game (on Feb 7, 1891); the first rim and net (knitted by Lambert Will’s mother), and the first backboard in 1893; all from the Village of Herkimer and surrounding communities.

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Venues for Home Games

The Originals have home games currently scheduled at a few different venues in the area.  Be sure to check where we are playing when we are home for a game.

  • VENUE: Beekman Gym, NY Mills Union Free School
    • address: 1 Marauder Blvd. New York Mills.  NY 13417
  • VENUE: Herkimer County Community College (HCCC)
    • address: 100 Reservoir Rd, Herkimer, NY 13350
  • VENUE:  Notre Dame High School
    • address: 2 Notre Dame Ln, Utica, NY 13502
  • VENUE: Utica Nexus Center
    • address: 300 Oriskany St W, Utica, NY 13502

Live Stream Games

While we always want our fans packing the stands and cheering on the team, we also offer fans who can't make the game a live video stream to watch!

The Herkimer Originals are partnered with Creative Outpost to stream ALL of our home games.  Go to our LIVE STREAM page for viewing instructions and check the countdown to the next game to watch.  You can even watch a game that you may have missed or re-watch an OGs game at any time.

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