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NYS Basketball Hall of Fame PRESS RELEASE: Lambert Will

January 18, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Lambert Will, the founder of basketball in 1891 will be inducted into the Class of 2024 on Sunday, April 21st. (Tickets are on sale now and are available)
Lambert, from upstate Herkimer , N.Y. is credited with being the first to formally introduce the game known as basketball.
Lambert is supported by significant documentation to support the research. Scott Flansburg has done years of research , nominated Lambert Will for induction. Lambert was also nominated for induction into Springfield in the Class of 2023.
Just as in the case of baseball which attributed its origins to a civil war officer, (baseball extends back several decades) basketball had been attributed to James Naismith /Springfield, Mass /Kansas. As travel then was very limited, there was no TV or Internet, the origins of basketball were attributed to spoken myth and legend.
The Induction of Lambert Will brings correct focus on this young man who had a vision and a dream.
Upstate New York, home to the origins of both baseball and basketball will now begin to receive credit for its contributions to the game.
Congratulations Lambert and welcome to the Hall !
New York State Basketball Hall of Fame Jan. 18, 2024