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Play-Offs: OGs Score Wins vs Albany & Syracuse

Mar 12th

March 12, 2024

It was a BIG weekend for the Herkimer OGs
The ABA playoffs began last weekend. The OGs beat the 518 ballers 133 to 107 Saturday at New York Mills. On Sunday the OGs went on the road and beat the Syracuse Upstate Trojans 125 to 117 at the Solvay Geddes Community Center in Syracuse. The Trojans ha  beaten the OGs twice in earlier games.
OGs have an overall record of 8-8. For the weekend the OGs scored 258 and gave up 224. The OGs hit a total of 32 threes and had a total of 10 dunks. The OGs attempted a total of 100 threes. The OGs had a two game total of 74 assists.
Two game totals Josh Gregory 53 points 23 rebounds 8 assists 7 threes Ralph Williams 35 points 30 assists 13 steals 4 threes 11-13 from foul line Trent Adamson 39 points 21 rebounds 17-29 shooting 32 points 14 rebounds Brent Williams 27 points 14 assists 6 threes Joe Sullivan 24 points 13 rebounds 10 assists 11-13 from foul line Ben Walters 21 points 7 threes
The OGs under coaches David Weller and Donny Schoff advance to the next round of playoffs. The next round of playoffs is this Saturday at Binghamton against the Binghamton Bulldogs who have a record of 16-4. The game has tip off time 7 pm. The game will be played at the Bulldogs Sports Complex 1025 Robinson Hill Road Johnson City NY. The OGs owner is Scott Flansburg



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