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Rising from the Ashes

January 24, 2024

Risen from the Ashes like the Phoenix!
Flashback to the beginning. From our very first Jump Ball in the ABA, we left our mark, claimed our territory, and rose to incredible numbers not only in our Division, but nationwide. We left our name in the minds and on the tongues of most Teams, Owners, Coaches, Players and Officials. Our accomplishments surpassed any expectations we ever had. A stellar first season by all accounts.
Then during the first half of last season, we again started out where we had left off the first season, until...., and what an until it turned out to be. Midway through the season we started with a single injury which sadly started a downward spiral of injuries that finally left us one week before what could be argued the most Significant Game in Basketball History, with only 4 Players. Not enough to even play the upcoming game against Springfield 413 Elite. What was to many, a simple game, to us, it was a matter of Valor. Knowing we faced horrific odds, we recruited two players who only attended two practices, and never played a single game before this historic faceoff. We fought to the very last buzzer against a team with a full 12-man complement. We finally got tired with only six players; we held our heads high as we lost that game.
When one truly reflects on that game and the circumstances in which we were faced, did we lose, yes, but only if one looks at the numbers, when, in fact, was it not very much a victory for such a fractured team to stand toe to toe and fight as long and as hard as we did. The remainder of last season, we struggled to maintain enough players to even stay in the game, but giving up was not and is not in our vocabulary.
Fast forward to this season, we started out with only 4 former players, and we fielded a Team whose combined talents should have shot us back up in the rankings and been a force to reckon with. This season certainly did not start out as we had anticipated. We struggled as a “new” team to gain traction and no matter what we did, we just could not gain our footing and we accept our 0-5 record until.... Last Saturday night another until...., until we gained our traction as a team, found our footing, and that we did like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, with a commanding 157-108 victory over the Connecticut Surge. We still have a significant season left and although we can’t guarantee finishing the season winning every game, what we can, and do promise. We promise that we will continue to play our hearts out, to keep you on the edge of your seats, and bring to you a level of Basketball you have become accustomed to.
We cannot thank our sponsors and fans enough for all the love and continued support, please remember YOU are the reason we play..