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Feb 10th vs Buffalo eXtreme

95 - 99 (L)

Game Recap

Date:February 10th 2024 - Saturday @ 7:00 PM
Opponent:Buffalo eXtreme
Final Score: 95 - 99 (L)
Venue:Buffalo, NY (Away)
Game Notes

Game Summary

ABA basketball last night Buffalo eXtreme 99 Herkimer Originals 95.

EXtreme jumped put to 38 to 24 first quarter lead. Halftime saw OGs trailing 59 to 51. End third quarter OGs behind 74 to 69. End of the game OGs trailed by 4. In ABA rules whenever you steal the ball in the backcourt and score you get extra point. It's called 3-D. The oOG stole the ball and had a chance to tie the game. A last second shot was off the mark and the Extreme won 99 to 95.

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